Hackensack Hot Jazz Festival – June 2015

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Here’s the information about the big jazz event happening in Hackensack, Minnesota this year on June 19th and 20th.

When I was a child, my family would vacation in Hackensack the last two weeks of July every year.  My grandparents had been coming up to the area since the early 40’s, and my parents started going up with them with my brother and I in the early 80’s.  Every year we stayed on Webb Lake, and stayed with Boots and Betty Wallin at The Webb Lake Lodge.  We stayed on this lake every year until Betty decided to move into Hackensack behind the bank.  My family and I stayed on Woman Lake for many years following our stay at Webb Lake.  A few years had passed where we couldn’t make it north due to my busy music schedule with the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival in Davenport.  In the past 5 years, we have started coming back up to Hackensack to once again stay on Webb Lake.  We now stay at The Mascot Resort on the opposite side of the lake.  
What makes this trip sentimental every year is when we drive by the grounds of the old Webb Lake Lodge, or we are fishing in front of the grounds, we can still see our cabin that we used to stay in every year.  It’s the only cabin left standing along with the main house on the grounds.  I have so many great memories of family vacations in that cabin with my grandparents, mom, dad and brother.  I can still picture myself running off the end of the dock and jumping in the lake on a warm summer day, or always asking my dad what he caught every time he returned from fishing.  But, most important to me was the quality time I got to spend with my entire family in the days before cell phones, internet, or any other distraction.  Now, I get to share those memories with my wife and son, and build new memories with them each year we return for our vacation.   
The community of Hackensack, and the people we meet every year, are always genuine, wonderful people.  Hackensack feels like my home away from home when I’m on vacation because I have so many memories of my family that are tied to Hackensack and Webb Lake.  It truly is a very special place on earth to me!